Tailored Quality Control Plan

The manufacturing process requires dozens or even hundreds of inspections. Creating a well-defined plan in advance allows us to determine the requirement of specifics and checkpoints. At the early stage with the help of our valuable customer and their requirements, based on the project and products we determine every specific detail and design an acceptable criterion for quality inspection. This process includes but not limited to

Ø  Production Procedures

Ø  Checking Points

Ø  Applications for Standardizations

Ø  Lab Testing and Reports

After determining the required process and procedure based on ISO /EN / ASTEM or any other relevant standard we give it a go for next stage.  

ASTM, DIN, EN, BS, AMS, ASME, QQS, MIL, JIS, NACE and others.  ASTM A193 / A276 / A320 / A479 / A582 & EN 10088-3. Test certifications EN 10204 3.1B /DIN 50049 3.1B.