We started from a very solid factory. Our business scope ranges from metal, wood to plastic and glass products. Now we are more and more devoted to new product development, providing solutions to our clients, and quality maintenance.

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Auto Sheep Feeder

Set the feeding time with the timer controller and set the amount of grain each time, then it is all done for you. When it comes to your setup time, the motor will start automatically, and the sheep will run to the feeder upon hearing the sound. Each feeder can be applied to 15-20 sheep at a time.
Available in aluminum fabrication or LLDPE.

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Garbage Bin Solution

Our garbage bin stands help to keep garbage bins clean, and organized while protecting them from wind, and animals. These stands also have a very nice spring lock to keep the covers closed, instead of using stones or other heavy objects. With the spring lock installed, it is very easy to open a bin when you need. The stand has a solid foundation that keeps the garbage bin in its place.

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